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If your like me then you love taking your lizard out and about.  While my beardie doesnt usually run off, the few times that he has I have been very thankfull I had him leashed.  Even if they are just romping around the house its useful to not have to keep a constant eye on them as they can certainly worm their way into some pretty tight spots!   


I began making my own leashes after shopping for one a while back.  I found a couple different brands at several pet stores but I was not happy with the quality or selection.  There are thousands of similar products out there for cats and dogs...but what about our scaly friends??

I know that there are a few similar products to mine out there.  So whats different about my harnesses?


*They feature larger arm holes then most to allow for more mobility and comfort


*I use quality brass and nickel grommets to secure the leash holes in the leather


*They are streamlined-no pointy edges


*I use paracord for the leash instead of the nylon cording many others use as that type often gets caught on your lizards skin


*I tried to make them as small as possible without compromising their functionality-this makes them more comfortable and allows your little friend to soak up as much sunlight as possible when basking outside as less of their skin is covered


*Having a harness is safer then using a leash that is only made of rope/paracord as there is a greater risk of choking with that type of leash 


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