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Danielle Lindemann

October 10, 2017

This harness exceeded my expectations! Worth every penny, amazing quality leather and craftsmanship. I would definitely buy again in the future. Thank you LizardLovers! 

Patricia Rivero

September 5, 2017

Perfect fit! Now he can save us all in Season 8 of GoT

Aishling O'Neil

August 11, 2017

I cannot express just how much I love this harness! It's so perfect and my bearded dragon took to it straight away! It's so lovely and soft and moveable that it didn't bother him at all! I'm just in love with it so much! Highly highly recommend! ❤️ I included a picture of my dragon Albi who straight away climbed into a bush when I brought him out! He had so much fun and got lots of sun 😍

Taylor Patrick

July 16, 2017

I had this exact harness in a medium and loved it so much I came back for the large when my beardie grew out of the old one. These leashes are awesome and he looks so handsome in them (:


June 15, 2017

Gibbs looking good in his new harness!!


June 2, 2017

Gibbs loves his new harness! He thinks this one is his favorite!!

Beverly Argueta

May 27, 2017

Love, love,love the spring fling harness and Quincy did too!! Beautifully crafted and it fits wonderfully. After having so many questions, I decided to reach out to Colleen and she was so kind, and helpful to answer any question I had. After much deliberation went with a custom sized harness for my beardie. Great customer service, arrived quickly and I'm so happy with the quality of the harness. Thank you so much ! I'll definitely be ordering more 


May 24, 2017

I love how majestic my dragon looks in her rainbow wings! And even better is that it's comfortable on her so it doesn't hurt her scales to put it on, which is exactly what I was looking for!!

Taylor Morris

May 17, 2017

I love the harness, it's so cute and Ulysses doesn't mind it one bit. Thank you so much it was definitely worth the price!

Kimberly Juenger

May 15, 2017

The xtra small lizard harness came quickly and looks exactly as advertised. After failing at trying to make my own harness and my little beardie going berserk, I ordered this more comfortable one. It took a few tries to get it on her and it fits nicely and she tolerates it well since it doesn't hinder her movement. I will be buying more from Lizardlovers as she grows.

Dena Smith

May 2, 2017

Fast shipment and extremely well made product!


April 30. 2017

Awesome harness! One of my favorites!!!

Ellie Rice

April 22, 2017

I love it! Thank you! Looks great and seems secure and comfortable! Can't wait for it to get warm again!

Becky Dunlap

April 22, 2017

Perfect fit!!!! So comfy and fits so great. She doesn't mind it a bit and it shipped super fast.


April 8, 2017

This harness is perfect! He got used to it fairly quickly. I'll definitely be purchasing the larger sizes in the future!

Carlos abecerra

April 2, 2017

This harness fits perfectly on my frilled dragons. Just put the frills on top and you're good to go. This guy was climbing trees and frillies at me like he had nothing on. Awesome product and great communication from Colleen!


March 31, 2017

It works and looks great :) my little Chomper can now run around and do what he wants if I'm on the couch or the floor and I won't be worried about loosing him :). I definitely will be buying another when he grows out of this one.


March 22, 2017

Love this! Perfect for Vincent the Rat, he feels like a scary dragon when he's wearing it!

Brianna Bayly

January 20, 2017

I just received this today and I love it. I tried other harnesses in the past and I had to squeeze them over his head and they didn't seem comfortable. This one was easy to put on and very comfy! He doesn't mind wearing it at all. He's a happy beardie <3

Flying Monkey

October 19, 2016

Rufio sporting his awesome harness. Definitely be ordering more from you as he grows. Love it!

Zea Bismuth

October 18, 2016

Again, Lizard Lovers outdid themselves. I can't express how kind the owner was. I asked about a solid purple leash and she offered to order some. The customer service was amazing and shipping was so fast! As for the leash, this is my second and both are SO SOFT AND WELL MADE. The fit (her style cut template) is perfect for a bearded dragon (especially around the pads) and Ripley is almost full grown so the slight overlap at the top is awesome. The small bead detail is such a cute touch and metal hole reinforcement will keep it lasting years. Thank you Lizard Lovers for providing soft, strong leashes for reptile babies!


October 13, 2016

My little girl finally got to see outside, and I didn't worry about her running off, thanks to her new harness. I love the simplicity, the softness, and the great patterns and colors. I have already ordered another harness. Thank you!

Micki Firmin

October 10, 2016

Carlos loves his new leash! He finally gets to experience the great outdoors!

Linzie Ezzell

October 7, 2016

This harness looks great and is soft and supple.

Miranda Jones

September 7, 2016

Colleen did a fantastic job!!! I will definitely be ordering another for my new beardie!

Zea Bismuth

August 17, 2016

We love the leash! It's very well made and now Ripley can safely explore. :) She was between a Small and Medium but I will definitely be buying leashes from this shop from now on!

Candace Shaidaee

July 16, 2016

Lily loves it and it's flexible for her to move around easily!

Allie Killenbeck

July 12, 2016

Great quality! Soft leather so I don't have to worry about him being uncomfortable. I got the large size so he's got room to grow, but it still works great.

Baylee Blair

June 18, 2016

Delta in her new Bearded Dragon leash! It's everything I was hoping for, and she has room to grow.

Alex d Schoen

June 10, 2016

Jax looks fabulous in his new harness! It is so well made and the leash is the perfect length!!

Linzie Ezzel

June 5, 2016

It fits my girl so well!


JUne 1, 2016

Great product! Fits perfectly. Thank you!


May 29, 2016

The leash is awesome. It fits great and she has some room to grow (which is great since she isn't even one yet). It was easy enough to use, and it's gorgeous!

Anne Patrick

May 28, 2016

The leash is absolutely perfect! It's very well made and fits my little buddy perfectly. He's never worn a leash before but it didn't seem to bother him much. I will definitely be back to buy bigger sizes as needed!

Sarah Armstrong

May 14, 2016

My beardie absolutely loves her harness. Amazing quality!


April 14, 2016

Absolutely love this and received it fast!!! Will definitely be ordering again and recommending this shop to others!!!

Sydney Bates

April 13, 2016

When I first looked at it, i thought it would be too big. But it's perfect!! We love it! It's cute, seems comfortable, and fits awesome. The leash part it also very well crafted. Very happy with my purchase.

Bastian Ferreira

April 8, 2016

This harness fits my boy Neckbeard perfectly! He's not sure what to think of it just yet, but I am sure there is many an adventure ahead of him. It looks great on him too!


March 17, 2016

I really love how this harness turned out and Colleen was so patient and sweet. It's even better than I imagined. Hogarth didn't really like it at first but he's been walking around in it and seems to not mind it so much anymore. The inside is really soft and the design is adorable. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.


January 29, 2016

We will take a better photo later and I will edit this, but wanted to tell you right away how much we love this!! It's so soft and flexible and yet stays put 100%! Our Lizzy is 8 and had never had one on, and I was worried she would freak out! Instead, she took right to it and seemed to love it as much as us! Also, I have to add that the green large bead at the end of the leash is a beautiful accent that just makes it that much more beautiful! Thank you, and I will 100% refer you to anyone!! :-)

Alicia Harpanau

November 11, 2015

It's perfect for her and easy to use! I really like that there is a clasp on the end so I can secure her to me or something for safety.

Kierstin Fowler

October 31, 2015

Robins not to sure about it himself, but it fits prefect! And i will try it on his sister batgirl when she is better.

Stephanie Taylor

October 2, 2015

We love our new leash!! Thank you so much!


October 2, 2015

Love it!!! The leash is well made and beautiful! This was the first time my baby has worn a leash and did much better than I expected, so I believe my little King found it comfortable!!! Thank you!!!

Mike and Corinne Hagett

August 29, 2015

Aussie loves his new harness and leash. Thank you so much!!!!!

Kierstin Fowler

August 26, 2015

Thank you so much for his new leash. We love it !

Kiersten Fowler

August 15, 2015

This is the best leash i could have ask for. It fit my batman perfectly and is a amazing quality leash. Super fast shipping and an amazing seller with great communication skills.


August 7, 2015

This is definitely the best lizard leash I've seen. The available colors are awesome and the style and details are well designed. It was easy to put on (although Lucy was pretty wiggly at first!) And appeared to be quite comfy. She can move and climb easily while wearing it which is great because she is still small. I will definitely be getting the larger sizes as needed. Thanks again for a great product!!

Rebecca Place

June 27, 2015

This is my pal Lucille!! It's her first time outside and she is having a really great time. The harness doesn't bother her at all and fits her perfectly!! Great for a fun time in the sun with your lizard buddy.

Sarah Poplin

June 2, 2015

This looks so cute on Stanley! Made very well and fits just right! He is a 14 inch Bearded Dragon and a bit of a fatty and it fit around him just fine and he couldn't get out of it and it gives him more freedom to walk around wherever he wants and I can just pull him in from his leash! Great Product!

Cassie Williams

March 3, 2015---Small black

This item is a soft leather that both looks great and works well. The contoured design is less bulky than other designs and it holds our little dragon very well. This size was a little too big for when we first brought our lizard home but he grew into it in about a month and a half, so we also had the X-small. I love these so much I intend to get the larger sizes for our dragon to grow into.

Cassie Williams

March 3, 2015---X-small black

This item is a soft leather that both looks great and works well. The contoured design is less bulky than other designs and it holds our little dragon very well. He grew out of this size pretty quickly, but it was worth it to keep his secure while getting him used to being out and about


February 24, 2015---Large white

The harness is of much better quality than anything you'll find in stores and it fits my beardie perfectly; super quick shipping, too!

Alison Reimer

February 5, 2015---Small green

I love it! The clip on the end is amazing too! Athena and Calypso are so happy!

Kelli Bells

February 4, 2015---Large green

This leash is perfect for my Bearded Dragon! I had been looking for something comfortable for him; the market for reptile leashes is pretty limited. I was very happy to have found this leash. Fast shipping, very friendly seller. Thank you! 


January 13, 2015---Large brown floral

Highly recommend this seller and product to anyone with a bearded dragon! We LOVE it! Great fit, awesome quality, super fast delivery. definitely worth paying a bit more for something that will last than those weird ones they sell at the pet stores.


December 30, 2014---Large geometric

Love the leash. Very well made and amazing customer service-super fast shipping. 

Belinda Burbridge

December 29, 2014---Large Autumn leaves

Love this - well made and fits perfectly.

Cherie White

December 28, 2014---Medium brown floral

Received lizard harness in time for Christmas, very nice detail and well made, wasn't sure what size our bearded dragon would use, this does fix her very well. Thank you. Sincerely, Cherie

Julie Suvanto

November 22, 2014---Large black metallic

The design of this harness is amazing. The cut fits my bearded dragon perfectly, and looks great! I highly recommend this leash!

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